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Mission Statement

Vertex’s mission is to assist and serve as a catalyst for self-realization and to uplift and transform the lives of individuals through the recovery process and to empower them to become contributing members of our community.

Vision Statement

Vertex strives to create an environment that is nonjudgmental and based on attributes of humanity. To offer services to help women, men, and families begin the process of recovery and healing, which is based on empathy, trust, and respect.

V – Vertex values an individual unique’ s experience.

E – Excellent services from admission to discharge.

R – Recovery is a step-by-step process.

T – Treatment is holistic and therefore effective.

E – Experience the structed help you need.

X – X-Factor is Vertex, it is our commitment and acknowledgement to your personal situation that will have the most significant impact on the outcome of your life.


Far too often we are incarcerating people for too long and failing to prepare former inmates for a safe transition and productive reentry into their communities. The stigma associated with incarceration can at times exacerbate or in some cases, increase the recidivism rates, because the criminal justice system failed to prepare formerly incarcerated individuals; by not providing individuals with the proper skills sets, or support services to ensure a smooth transition into society. The lack of community programs and structured supervision, and failure to considered underlying factors such as, substance abuse, mental health, lack of education/vocation skills, has a lost generation of men and women. While incarcerated, most of these issues, were not appropriately addressed, and now compounded with a criminal record, has only intensified the obstacles faced by the formerly incarcerated individual, their family members, friends, and other community stakeholders.

In 2006, Vertex was established out of a personal commitment to pay forward the compassion shown by individuals working within the Criminal Justice System, and their personal values and commitment to assist ex-offenders enter their communities. This inspired Vertex’s founding members to establish a multifaceted company. Vertex’s mission is not only to engage and prepare ex-offenders to be successful within their respective communities, but to eliminate or at least minimize the rate of recidivism.

Vertex, LLC has positioned itself to address the issues during the pre and post release process. Vertex strives to create an empathetic road map for ex-offenders, so that the re-entry transition is successful. Additionally, Vertex, LLC., will continue to work with ex-offenders, extended family members, friends, and various community stakeholders to ensure a healthy and productive transition into their respective communities.

Our Story Continues

Addictions Specialists have significantly impacted communities, particularly communities that have been disenfranchised historically throughout the country and have seriously affected treatment services. At Vertex, we believe that to continue to provide services to one of the most vulnerable populations; we will expand our role in mentorship programming to increase the pool of Certified Addiction Counselors within the community.


Vertex Training Center was established in 2021 to provide an alternative road map to higher education for individuals interested in pursuing an Addictions Counseling certification. The training program can be easily access online or by attending in person classes. We believe that by providing access to certifications/licenses in a non-traditional educational setting, Vertex will increase the labor pool and therefore increase professionals in the mental health and substance abuse fields.

Vertex’s Training Centers Goals:

Vertex Training Center will expand its role in mentorship programming to increase the pool of Certified Addiction Counselors within the community. This will be accomplished by the operation of Vertex Training Center and establishing linkages and contracts with various governmental agencies, such as the Department of Labor – Workforce Development within the local area.

Vertex will seek to improve the lives of residents from various area by expanding employment opportunities. Vertex Training Center will develop its’ role as a training provider for job training, referral, and placement activities.

Vertex will be seen as a community center, providing resources to the neighborhood. To accomplish this, Vertex will build and operate offices within each area to serve as a neighborhood center.
Vertex will continue to assist the business community and will seek to expand current business services, within the community of operations. Increasing the labor force and providing employment opportunities.
Vertex will provide a network of resources and will be a one-stop center providing an array of services to the community and specializes with the re-entry population. The Company will serve as a clearing house for various Criminal Justice programs and will expand into specialized Mental Health and Substance Abuse services.
Vertex will seek to increase its’ participation in various community coalitions, community boards, law enforcement groups, and with other services providers to achieve common goals and improve the quality of life for all community residents.