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North Carolina CASAC Certification Program

North Carolina

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Training Declaration


The practice of a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor consists of the twelve (12) core functions, including screening, intake, orientation, assessment, treatment planning, counseling, case management, crisis intervention, client education, report and record keeping, consultation with other professionals regarding client treatment and services, and referral to treat addictive disorder or disease and help prevent relapse. 

To be fully credentialed by North Carolina Addictions Specialist Professional Practice Board, the participant/candidate must complete the three (3) phase process as describe below, including obtaining a passing score on the IC&RC ADC examination. Vertex Training Center will provide various courses that will meet the prerequisites for the following NCASPPB credential:

    Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

    Work Experience (Phase I)

    6,000 Hours (3 years) of supervised substance use disorder counseling experience verified by CCS or CSI {internship}

    Education Experience (Phase II)

    High school diploma or equivalency,

    Associate Degree,

    Bachelor’s Degree, or

    Advanced Degree* {Master}

    *Advanced Degrees in human services field with clinical internships as part of the completed curricula should apply for LCAS

    270 clock hours of approved education/training, of which 190 must be substance use disorder specific.

    With minimum of six (6) hours in the following:

    Ethics, HIV/AIDS, STDs and Bloodborne Pathogens, and other topics in addictions treatment.

    Education Experience (Phase II)

    Passing Score on the IC&RC ADC Examination

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    You will be required to fill out an application before purchasing courses. There is an application fee of $35.

    Admissions for North Carolina

    Admission Statement

    Vertex Training Center does not discriminate in its admission, instruction, or graduation policies based on sex, gender, age, race, color, religion, or ethnic origin or language.

    Admission Statement

    Vertex Training Center does not discriminate in its admission, instruction, or graduation policies based on sex, gender, age, race, color, religion, or ethnic origin or language.


    Leaners must be at least 18 years of age.

    Learners must be resident of the North Carolina State and provide proof of residency.

    Learners must be proficient in English, including the ability to speak, write, comprehend orally, and read at a secondary level necessary to participate in classroom instruction (s).

    * A writing sample is required

    Learners will complete an application for enrollment and submit with supporting documents.

    Provide proof of secondary education, high school diploma, or GED certificate.

    * Copy of transcript and/or certified copy of diploma

    A learner who attended a foreign school for high school or other higher education, the Center will work with the participant to obtain an English translation of the document along with confirmation that the education received is equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma or equivalent undergraduate or graduate degree.

    Learners with college or graduate degrees, will submit transcripts for evaluation to determine the level of course work.

    * Additional submission to State may be necessary to confirm eligibility requirements

    Learners will be required to provide a writing sample prior to enrollment into the training program. Writing samples will be reviewed instructional staff/aides to ascertain whether the learner may need ancillary support while they are attending courses.

    Application fee of $35, non-refundable to be submitted with application and supporting documents.

    * Waivers will be considered on individual basis

    Financial Aid forms and supporting documents will be submitted with application.

    Financial Statement will be signed and submitted with application.

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    The Vertex Outpatient Program is an OASAS license drug free facility serving the community of the north Bronx since 2004. Vertex provides individual and group counseling, relapse prevention, gender specific group sessions.
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